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Dieterich Bonhoeffer

Dieterich Bonhoeffer

A Spoke in the Wheel

~ Dayspring MacLeod

Dietrich Bonhoeffer is one of the heroes of World War 2. From a plot to assassinate Hitler, to eventually being imprisoned and martyred, this is a gritty real-life story of perseverance. Today he is remembered for his writings... read more


Wilfred Grenfell

Wilfred Grenfell

Courageous Doctor

~ Linda Finlayson

FROM THE BOOK: "Faster, Jack, faster!" Wilfred Grenfell called to the lead dog in his sledge team. Jack needed no second reminder. He loved to go as fast as possible and he urged his team forward. Wilfred loved to go fast too,... read more


Elisabeth Elliot

Elisabeth Elliot

Do the Next Thing

~ Selah Helms

Although Elisabeth Elliot is possibly best known for her story of grief and the surname of her first husband, she has been a remarkable woman in many ways. From persevering after the untimely and tragic death of her husband, to... read more


William Tyndale

William Tyndale

The Smuggler's Flame

~ Lori Rich

William Tyndale lived a life of adventure and danger, dodging the king's men, fleeing from his enemies and meeting with smugglers in the dead of night. What brought a well-educated young English man to such a state? Was he an... read more