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The Unexpected Jesus

The Unexpected Jesus

The Truth Behind His Biblical Names

~ R.C. Sproul

Jesus divides history, your birthday is determined by his! But why should that be? This is a man who evokes the widest polarisation of opinion of any historical figure: devotion from some, vitriolic abuse by others and... read more




The Reality of Encountering Jesus

~ Peter Dickson, David Gibson

What does it mean to belong to God's family? Consider the gospel of Luke which introduces us to Jesus the most important man who ever lived. This book demonstrates that encountering Jesus is a matter of urgency for all people... read more


The Flow of the New Testament

The Flow of the New Testament

A book by book guide to the New Testament

~ Dale Leschert

Do you want a quick way of finding out about a New Testament book? Or a detailed study on a New Testament book? Now you can have both. Dale Leschert has put together an amazing and unique resource that will help everyone... read more