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A Neglected Grace

A Neglected Grace

Family Worship in the Christian Home

~ Jason Helopoulos

Pastor Jason Helopoulos calls parents and church leaders to reclaim the practice of family worship. This indispensable means of grace directs our children to seek Christ daily, preparing them to go out into the world as fully... read more


To Walk Or Stay

To Walk Or Stay

Trusting God through shattered hopes and suffocating fears

~ Lara Williams

Her marriage slowly deteriorated behind the facade of a happy, Christian home. After six years together, with three young children, Lara discovered the devastating reality of her husband's marital betrayal. Lara gives tender... read more


Divorce And Remarriage

Divorce And Remarriage

Biblical Principles and Pastoral Practice

~ Andrew Cornes

What does the Bible teach about Divorce? May a Christian remarry during the lifetime of a divorced partner? With the increasing number of divorces and second marriages, such questions now touch every family and every church.... read more