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Faith on Trial

Faith on Trial

Psalm 73

~ Martyn Lloyd-Jones

Introduced by Kevin DeYoung. Why do good people suffer unjustly - and yet others get away with it? The Psalmist, Asaph, dealt with this very problem in Psalm 73 - one that has often perplexed and discouraged God's people. Asaph... read more

A Christian's Pocket Guide to Suffering

A Christian's Pocket Guide to Suffering

How God Shapes Us through Pain and Tragedy

~ Brian H. Cosby

When tragedy strikes-the death of a child, hurricanes, a school shooting-we begin looking for an escape from the pain, a way out, or we clamor for answers from a panel of religious "experts" to explain the ever-present question,... read more

D Is for Depression

D Is for Depression

Spiritual, psychological and medical sources for healing depression

~ Michael Lawson

Depression seems to be everywhere. You all know someone who suffers from it - you may yourself? It has become such a part of the psychological landscape that it can be met with cynicism, or indifference, which is a problem -... read more

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