Jesus Studies

Works that deal with christ's earthly ministry and teachings. life and teachings, sermon on the mount, parables. (books on christology - the scholarly study of the nature of christ are found in theology).

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The Unexpected Jesus

The Unexpected Jesus

The Truth Behind His Biblical Names

~ R.C. Sproul

Jesus divides history, your birthday is determined by his! But why should that be? This is a man who evokes the widest polarisation of opinion of any historical figure: devotion from some, vitriolic abuse by others and... read more

The Parables of Jesus

The Parables of Jesus

Entering, Growing, Living and Finishing in God's Kingdom

~ Terry L. Johnson

Jesus spoke to the people in parables - not only that, he seemed to think in parables, acted out parables - he was a walking parable. Parables are almost unknown elsewhere in Scripture, yet they comprise a huge proportion of... read more

The Messiah and the Psalms

The Messiah and the Psalms

Preaching Christ from all the Psalms

~ Richard P. Belcher, Jr.

What is the relevance and significance of the Psalms both to the New Testament and to our lives in the 21st Century? Richard Belcher helps you understand how all the psalms relate to Christ. Some have a direct relationship, but... read more

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Trials of Christ

Trials of Christ

The moral failures of those who judged Christ

~ John Gilmore

Who were the people who tried Jesus? Annas' personal fortune from 'skimming' the income from sacrificial animals was over 2.5 billion pieces of silver, his son-in-law, Joseph Caiaphas, broke 12 laws in bringing Jesus before him.... read more

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