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The King has Come

The King has Come

The Real Message of Christmas

~ James Montgome Boice

The birth of a king is normally marked by lavish national celebrations, a gathering of dignitaries and great joy. But what if he is born in a cave, is surrounded by animals and his first visitors are unknown shepherds? And what... read more

The Plan

The Plan

How God got the World ready for Jesus

~ Sinclair B. Ferguson

Before the dawn of time a plan was made... a plan to save and a plan to love, a plan to rescue and a plan to send. One after the other people were sent to be where they were needed to be. In the distance wise men ride camels... read more

Jesus Christ the Best King of All

Jesus Christ the Best King of All

~ Catherine MacKenzie

Have you played hide and seek, or hunt the thimble? Games where you have to search for something that has been hidden can be great fun! In the story of the birth of Jesus some people are trying to find someone very special - the... read more

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