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Qualified for Heaven

Qualified for Heaven

The Story of Balazs Csiszer

~ Irene Howat

Growing up in communist Romania in the 1980s to atheist parents, Balazs never even heard Christianity spoken about. However, this was not the end of his story. Qualified for Heaven tracks his journey to Christ from meeting some... read more


Miracles from Mayhem

Miracles from Mayhem

The story of May Nicholson

~ Irene Howat, May Nicholson

May Nicholson was a notorious fighting drunk in Ferguslie Park, Paisley until her conversion when she was 34. The last 22 years have been spend tirelessly working for the Lord as an outreach worker in Ferguslie Park, Church of... read more


Betty Greene

Betty Greene

Courage Has Wings

~ Irene Howat

Planes are frequent sights in our skies today. In the early years of the 20th century they were new, exciting - dangerous even. Betty Greene was one of the early women to learn to fly these amazing new machines. After World War... read more


Ten Boys Who Changed the World

Ten Boys Who Changed the World

~ Irene Howat

George Muller was a thief when he was younger and spent time in jail for his crimes. Brother Andrew grew up in Holland during the second World War and played tricks on German soldiers. Nicky Cruz grew up in a family where spirit... read more


Ten Girls Who Changed the World

Ten Girls Who Changed the World

~ Irene Howat

Isobel Kuhn questioned whether God even existed. Mary Slessor grew up in a slum with an alcoholic father. Joni Eareckson broke her neck during a diving accident and Corrie Ten Boom just lived with her family in a little watch... read more


Inspired By a Blank Screen

Inspired By a Blank Screen

Re-boot your Spiritual Life

~ Irene Howat

file; close file; delete file; save; save as; save a copy; print; ruler; tools; toolbars; help; shutdown; restart - these are the keys to re-booting your faith! Best-selling author, Irene Howat, has written many successful... read more


Ten Boys Who Made History

Ten Boys Who Made History

~ Irene Howat

These Christian stalwarts were once young boys playing games, learning from mistakes and growing up in quite a different world. But was it that different? Irene Howat has researched the lives of these men of God and draws out... read more


God Answers Prayer for Boys

God Answers Prayer for Boys

~ Irene Howat

Brothers and friends, fathers and sons - they're all in this book and they all have one thing in common - they've prayed to the one true God - the God who always answers.... read more


Ten Girls Who Didn't Give in

Ten Girls Who Didn't Give in

Inspiring stories of martyrs

~ Irene Howat

These ten girls grew up to become women who didn't give in. Living as a Christian was difficult. They chose to do the right thing instead of the easy thing. Would you give in or would you resist? In a world where we give in too... read more


Lilias Trotter

Lilias Trotter

Daring in the Desert

~ Irene Howat

'You could become the greatest living painter. Your paintings would be treasured for ever.' Those were the words Lilias Trotter heard from John Ruskin, one of the world's most established art critics. She had to make a choice... read more

11. Ten Girls Who Used Their Talents

12. Lightkeepers Girls Box Set: Ten Girls

13. God Answers Prayer for Girls

14. Jim Elliot: He Is No Fool

15. Lightkeepers Boys Box Set: Ten Boys

16. From Whitewashed Stairs to Heaven: Maureen McKenna and the Open Door Trust, Glasgow

17. Wonderful! Blythswood people share stories of God's faithfulness

18. Stopped Work? Start Living! Encouraging stories of directions in new retirement

19. Bobby Boast a Lot

20. William Work a Lot

21. Helen Roseveare: On His Majesty's Service

22. Harry Help a Lot

23. Lorna Look a Lot

24. Light in the City: Stories from London City Mission

25. Granny Grump a Lot

26. Lucy Lie a Lot

27. Renewing Broken Lives: Even More Miracles from Mayhem

28. Ten Boys Who Didn't Give in: Inspiring stories of martyrs

29. Missing Piece: The Life Story of Vio Jorza

30. When the Thornbush Blooms: Help for the hurting

31. Ten Girls Who Made a Difference

32. Precious to God

33. A Week in the Life of MAF: Mission Aviation fellowship

34. Robert Murray McCheyne: Life Is An Adventure

35. Ten Boys Who Made a Difference

36. Ten Boys Who Used Their Talents

37. John Newton: A Slave Set Free

38. Ten Girls Who Made History

39. Adoniram Judson: Danger on the Streets of Gold

40. Isobel Kuhn: Lights in Lisuland

41. George Müller: The Children's Champion

42. My Beloved Russia: A Story of God's Love for a Persecuted People

43. Patricia St. John: The Story Behind the Stories

44. A Housewife's Adventure With God

45. James Chalmers: The Rainmaker's Friend

46. More Miracles from Mayhem: The Continuing Story of May Nicholson and the Preshal Trust

47. Finding God in the Darkness: Twelve accounts of God's care through difficult times

48. Robert Moffat: Africa's Brave Heart

49. In Strength Not Our Own: Caring for Kenya's Children

50. Pain My Companion Irene Howat

51. Gold From Dark Mines: The journey to conversion of six famous Christians

52. Books Ablaze: ...and other historical stories

53. On Fire: and other Bible Stories

54. Fascinating Bible Facts Vol. 1

55. Fascinating Bible Facts Vol. 2

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