Rebecca VanDoodewaard

Author of 'Your Future Other Half’ and 'Uprooted', Grand Rapids, Michigan

Rebecca VanDoodewaard is a freelance editor. Her husband William VanDoodewaard is ordained in the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Until recently they blogged together at



Let the Children Worship

Let the Children Worship
Sundays can be the hardest day of the week. I often find myself behind the piano, trying to focus on the tune instead of the visitors I invited for lunch, one eye on my pew-full of children. Jason's book provides solid refreshment for parents and church leaders, encouraging us to think clearly - biblically! - about what worship is and why we do it. Theological framework and practical applications for parents and leaders make this a book useful not only as a how-to guide, but also as a guidepost, encouraging us to view worship as a foretaste of heaven along our earthly pilgrimage.