Last Things First

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Last Things First

Unlocking Genesis with the Christ of Eschatology

J. V. Fesko

Pages: 224
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Isbn 13: 9781845502294
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Category: Theology & Doctrine > Doctrine > Science, Creation & Evolution

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We think that we know the first three chapters of the Bible well - Creation and the Fall, we say, knowingly. But have we ever stopped to consider that Jesus in the book of Revelation is called 'the last Adam' and the 'Alpha & Omega'? Should this make a difference to how we look at the first three chapters of Genesis? Dr. John Fesko says that it does and that without seeing Christ and the end days, we cannot understand the first days. Over the controversies that surround these first three chapters he says 'there are many theologians who represent different schools of thought. Is there a better way to approach the opening chapters of Genesis in spite of the debate? The answer to that question is an unqualified, 'Yes'... The way through the impasse is to interpret Genesis in the manner presented in the New Testament. More specifically, one must interpret Genesis 1-3 in the light of Christ and Eschatology.' By doing this, John is able to explain this important portion of scripture from a holistic Christological viewpoint, one that is consistent throughout scripture. If you are tangled up on origins in Genesis then this may be your way through the maze.

About J. V. Fesko

J. V. Fesko is Academic Dean and Professor of Systematic and Historical Theology at Westminster Seminary in California.

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This rigourous application of a Christ centered interpretative method should be emulated in all of our studies of Scripture.

New Horizons Magazine

"The book is an informative, instructive and enlightening read for anyone interested in God's work of salvation. It is stimulating and pregnant with ideas for those engaged in preaching the good news. I would recommend the book highly."

Scottish Bulletin of Theology

The eschatological is an older strand in revelation than the soteric (Geerhardus Vos). Last Things First explores this insight, fundamental for a sound overall understanding of Scripture, with valuable insights of its own. With an extensive awareness of and reference to relevant literature, it addresses in a stimulating fashion issues that bear on such basic biblical themes as God's purposes in creation, the relationship between creation and redemption, and the work of Christ. While there is room to disagree at points, anyone interested in the biblical basis for covenant theology will read Fesko with great profit.

Richard Gaffin, Professor of Biblical and Systematic Theology, Emeritus, Westminster Theological Seminary, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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