Creation in Crisis

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Creation in Crisis

Alex MacDonald

Pages: 128
Trim: Pocket paperback (178 x 110mm)
Isbn 13: 9781871676860
List Price: £4.99
Imprint: Christian Focus Adult
Category: Theology & Doctrine > Doctrine > Science, Creation & Evolution

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Green Concerns and Christianity.

About Alex MacDonald

Alex MacDonald is the minister of Buccleuch & Greyfriars Free Church of Scotland, Edinburgh. He is married to Evelyn and they have four Children, Katharine, Douglas, Alison and Robert.

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Customer Reviews

This is a book, which looks at how Christians should be responding to environmental issues. The author begins by describing the ecological problems that people are faced with in the world today. He then proceeds to draw our attention to the rise of the New Age Movement and their influence in dealing with environmental issues. Alex Macdonald then shows that, despite what some people have claimed, Christians are not to blame for the state of the environment. Indeed, he shows, through careful consideration and research that Christian teaching advocates looking after the world, which has been given by God. The book concludes with suggestions as to how Christians should be responding to the situation today. The author presents biblical and theological evidence for the subject, and calls for Christians to look back to God's Word and His directions for caring for the world. Here's a book, which, although it was written back in 1992 and may appear a little dated now, will bring some important issues before Christians. It is written very clearly and has much practical advice for Christians.

Posted by Andrew Young, Fraserburgh at 21:02 on Friday 09 May 2008