God's Workmanship

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God's Workmanship

Vernon Higham

Pages: 176
Trim: Pocket paperback (178 x 110mm)
Isbn 13: 9781857922554
List Price: £6.99
Imprint: Christian Focus Adult
Category: Christian Life > Spiritual Growth > Spiritual Disciplines

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It is common for Christians when they understand the glory & majesty of the gospel to be so excited and overflowing with joy that even their sternest critics notice the change in the way they live.

Vernon Higham is an experienced pastor. His book is designed to help Christians to maintain that change consistently in their lives, not by your own strength but through understanding and experiencing the resources that God puts at your own disposal.

This book will engage your mind and feelings as you explore how God changes you throughout your spiritual journey.

About Vernon Higham

Born in Caernafon, Wales and became a Christian in his first term at theological College. He has been the pastor of Heath Evangelical Church in Cardiff for over 35 years. He is the author of a book on revival (a subject close to his heart), a book of poetry and has written hymns as well.

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"However, throughout the book, he also emphasies the aboslute importance of a personal and individual experience of salvation by the grace of God through faith in Jesus Christ. The book addresses serious issues but doesnt lose the simplicity of a genuine love for God. Helpful for those who want to study without stress. I found it approachable and illminating"

CLC Book Reviews

"No froth here, but sensible, applied, Christian thinking to awm the heart and send forth the will in the highest desires for the Lord Jesus Christ"

English Churchman

God's Workmanship emphasises salvation by grace alone which results in gracious holy living with a passion for true revival. One of the choicest chapters is that on providence. To read it is to draw hearts in wondering love to the One who gave Himself for us and the gives and again "all things"

The Gospel Magazine

Customer Reviews

A good, brief book by a man, who was a faithful pastor and preacher in a large church in Cardiff, for forty years. In it, he explains what happens when someone becomes a christian, and their subsequent life thereafter. A series of chapters covers terms, such as regeneration, sanctification, providence, repentance, fellowship, faith, and many other issues. He also explains the part of the conscience, mind and will in the life of a christian, compared to that of a non-christian. There are also chapters showing how christians should deal with temptation, and approach the issue of forgiveness. A very good piece of devotional reading, which I found to be quite heart-warming. In addition, this short book may help in clearing up some often misunderstood terms. It will help people who are seeking to live a well balanced christian life.

Posted by Andrew Young, Fraserburgh (currently living in Bridgend). at 12:39 on Tuesday 05 June 2007