Such a Great Salvation

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Such a Great Salvation

The Collected Essays of Alan Stibbs

Alan Stibbs, Andrew Atherstone (Editor)

Pages: 320
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Isbn 13: 9781845504236
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"Alan Stibbs was a voice crying in the wilderness, a lonely evangelical scholar in a sea of liberalism. We owe him much."

John Stott, (1921-2011), Rector Emeritus, All Souls Church, Langham Place, London


"No-one in his generation did more to help people, and especially students, to understand the Bible, to love the Bible and to obey it. His memorial is in many lives and in many pulpits throughout the world."

So declared the Inter-Varsity Fellowship annual report on the death in July 1971 of Alan Stibbs who, for more than thirty years, exercised an influential ministry as a Bible expositor and cogent teacher of Christian doctrine. After returning from the mission field in China in the mid-1930s, he played a significant part in the resurgence of conservative evangelicalism in Britain after World War Two - alongside other leaders like Martyn Lloyd-Jones and John Stott. From Oak Hill College in north London, Stibbs aimed to revive biblical preaching and biblical thinking across the country. His powerful sermons made a profound impact upon countless congregations and his pithy writings helped to stimulate the rebirth of a robust evangelical theology.

In this volume, eighteen of Alan Stibbs' best and most enduring shorter writings are brought together. They cover themes such as the cross of Christ, justification by faith, the inspiration of Scripture, the priority of preaching, the nature of the church, and the role of the sacraments.

About Alan Stibbs

Alan Stibbs (1901-1971) was born into a Christian family and responded personally to the call of Christ in 1912. He began to give his first Bible exposition at 16 years old and was later called to the mission field. His preaching & teaching led him to the staff of Oakhill theological college and he became known as a Bible expositor and preacher in demand for evangelical conferences and conventions.

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About Andrew Atherstone

Andrew Atherstone is tutor in history and doctrine, and Latimer research fellow, at Wycliffe Hall, Oxford. His publications include Oxford’s Protestant Spy: The Controversial Career of Charles Golightly (2007), The Martyrs of Mary Tudor (second edition, 2007) and Oxford: City of Saints, Scholars and Dreaming Spires (2008). He is also editor of The Heart of Faith: Following Christ in the Church of England (2008).

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This volume of essays and articles covers the gamut of topics from the inspiration of Scripture to the completeness of Jesus' cross-work to the primacy of preaching to the nature of the local church. I finished the volume a few years ago and can testify today that some of the essays have had a dramatic and continuing influence on me. I'm not exaggerating whatsoever when I say that I learned more about the Bible in general, and about the work of Jesus in particular, from this book than from any I've read in the last decade (at least).

Timothy Raymond, Credo Magazine

I'm not exaggerating whatsoever when I say that I learned more about the Bible in general, and about the work of Jesus in particular, from this book than from any I've read in the last five years (at least). It's become one of my favorite books I've ever read in all my life. If you're a pastor, you're missing out if you skip this one.

Timothy Raymond

"...pure gold for those called to serve the churches in a teaching capacity."

Dick Lucas, Formerly Rector of St Helen's Bishopsgate, London

'Alan Stibbs wrote wonderfully incisively and wonderfully simply. His writings are of enduring value to any who wish to understand key topics in a biblical and godly way. To have his writings collected in this way is a great gift to God's people.'

Michael Ovey, (1958-2017) Principal, Oak Hill Theological College, London

'Alan Stibbs was insufficiently appreciated in his lifetime and has been almost forgotten since, but he was for many years the best theological mind serving British evangelicals, and his unobtrusive influence shaped many ministries decisively. This collection of his occasional writings, of which all are outstanding and some have landmark status, will reintroduce him to the discerning and will surely draw forth the admiration that is truly his due.'

J. I. Packer, Well known author & Board of Governors' Professor of Theology, Regent College, Vancouver, Canada

'A godly humility combined with razor sharp mind and a passion for God's Truth worked out for day to day Christian living - these are the hallmarks of Alan Stibbs. It is hoped that this book will introduce the works of a great, yet generally forgotten evangelical to a whole new generation.'

Melvin Tinker, Vicar of St John's Newland, Kingston upon Hull, England

"Buy the book, talk about it to others, purchase a copy for your minister and do all you can to encourage Dr. Atherstone to print more "Stibbine" material. Apart from anything else, few books can better reveal how far contemporary evangelicals are adrift in today's modern/postmodern age. It could well be the tool for their own recovery...Unconditionally recommended.

Rev Dr. J Barry Shucksmith,

"'Alan Stibbs' lucid and constructive writings are extraordinarily relevant to today's theological scene. At the time they were a very important help to many embattled evangelicals. Today little has changed in the essential theological debates and their very welcome republication can again be just as useful."

Oliver R. Barclay, (1919-2013), prominent scientist and Director of Universities and Colleges Christian Fellowship (UCCF).

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