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The Ship of Dreams

Robert Plant

Pages: 192
Trim: Pocket paperback (178 x 110mm)
Isbn 13: 9781845506414
List Price: £5.99
Series: Torchbearers
Imprint: CF4Kids
Read to me: age 7-9
Read myself: age 9-12
Category: Youth > Biography

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The ship that would never be sunk, a ship of dreams - becomes a ship of nightmares as it is swallowed beneath the freezing Atlantic Ocean. Hit by a massive iceberg it was as much the arrogance of the ship's owners and operators that caused the tragedy of the Titanic on 14th April 1912. 1,517 people perished that night but there was at least one man who was focussed on saving souls amidst the horror. As the icy waters brought the life of John Harper to a close he still had the energy to call one final person to come to Christ. This is a story of tragedy but it is also a story of faith and courage and eternal hope.

About Robert Plant

Robert Plant is from a Christian Brethren (Gospel Hall) background and works as a Christian Evangelist. He has strong links with John Ritchie Ltd. He conducts about 20 series of children’s meetings each year.

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Customer Reviews

I purchased this book in of all places a Shoe shop for my son who had seen it and wanted it because he'd been hearing so much about Titanic at school and on TV. We are a Christian family but not really great readers. I was forced to read this book to my son every night! We are now going through the story for the third time. I wanted to write a review to say it's a really gripping thrilling story for both a 31yr old father and his 5yr old son! Buy it read it learn from it and enjoy it! We have and still do.

Posted by Owen McNeilly, Ballymena area at 08:52 on Monday 16 April 2012

Most of Christian Focus's books are good with clear Spiritual content but I did think reading this one that the author has skilfully managed to add extra Spiritual dimensions into the text very cleverly without loosing the readers interest in the subject to hand. The story is both interesting and entertaining from the very first and seems to be well researched even to including the correct number and price paid for the ticket that was issued to the Harper's! Quite why the author left out any reference to Mr Harper's cousin Jessie Leitch who was also on board with John and his daughter is a mystery although she is mentioned in the John Harper - Who was he section. That minor historical detail though does not take away from the interesting and well written narrative which not only focuses on the Harpers but others who were on board the ship at that time as well as giving a good general description of what life on board the Titanic was like. There are good lessons for Christians to learn from Nana's encounters with a boy named Charlie as well as the very clear need for an individual's salvation running right through the narrative which is imperative if this book is to be given to children who are not Christians. I will be certainly ensuring the every child in my Sunday School class receives a copy of this book next year to mark to 100th anniversary of the ships sinking! Can we have more like this containing a good interesting historical theme please?

Posted by Andrew Lazenby, Perth, Australia. at 10:37 on Wednesday 29 June 2011

This book is brilliant and the publishers should be commended for having the foresight to publish it this year with so many 'Titanic' anniversaries coming up. That said my son is a Titanic 'nut' so anything about THAT ship is of interest to him. When however you add a much needed spiritual dimension to the story as well the result has to be good. As a believer I was surprised not to have heard of Mr Harper before but the story of his leading a soul to Christ with his dying breath I had heard previously. I now know who that story was about! This book is written in a fluid style that keeps the reader occupied and eager to find out what comes in the next chapter. Of course we all know what the outcome of the story will be however there are so many characters appearing throughout the narrative that one is drawn into their own life and death struggle wondering what happened to each as the ship sank. I especially like the part about the thief stealing the preachers New Testament and then returning it. That's true repentance in picture form. The reader is challenged about their need of salvation almost from page 1 when Mr Harper seeks to point a rather snobbish and overbearing first class passenger to her need of Jesus as Saviour. Although the story (from an earthly standpoint) tragic it is also very challenging (and not just to children) about our daily walk with our Saviour as well as being prepared to take each opportunity to witness for Him. Yes children should be given 'Titanic - Ship of Dreams' to read as it will not only undoubtedly point them to their need of Jesus but also to walking with Him daily.

Posted by John Dennison at 21:21 on Thursday 05 May 2011