The First Chapters of Everything

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The First Chapters of Everything

How Genesis Chapters 1 to 4 Explains Our World

Alasdair Paine

Pages: 192
Trim: Trade paperback (198 x 130mm)
Isbn 13: 9781781913239
List Price: £7.99
Imprint: Christian Focus Adult
Category: Biblical Studies > Commentaries > Old Testament

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Deceptively clear and digestible style... He is preoccupied with 'What is God saying to us here?' and refuses to allow the elephant of secondary issues to stand between us and the Genesis text (though he provides additional notes for the curious). Here is a book I found refreshing my spirit, stimulating my mind, and nourishing my soul.

Dale Ralph Davis, Minister in Residence, First Presbyterian Church, Columbia, South Carolina

There is no better brief introduction to [Gen. 1-4] than this. Alasdair Paine helpfully engages with the complex questions of interpretation but never gets bogged down... The focus throughout is God's contemporary message to us through these chapters, which is presented with great clarity and powerful application.

Vaughan Roberts, Rector of St Ebbe's, Oxford and Director of Proclamation Trust

Anyone seeking a wise, accessible guide to the crucial first chapters of Genesis need look no further. I found Alasdair's sure-footed work most illuminating and enriching.

Julian Hardyman, Senior Pastor, Eden Baptist Church, Cambridge

Alasdair Paine is an accomplished geographer, pastor and Bible student and all these disciplines add to the rich depth of his writing. Alasdair's insights, illustrations and sensitive application make this a very healthy read indeed... Here's a hearty read for the health of your soul.

David Cook, Retired Principal, Sydney Missionary and Bible College, Sydney, Australia


Alasdair Paine writes in his introduction, "Genesis was not given to satisfy our speculation but to bring us urgent truths about God, our world and ourselves." This book was written to bring out the beginnings recorded in Genesis - where we came from, what went wrong, and the first promise of the Saviour to come.

About Alasdair Paine

Alasdair Paine is Vicar of St. Andrew the Great, Cambridge and a trustee of Keswick Ministries.

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... devotionally engaging and stirring as well as useful for thinking how I might preach these important chapters. I've done that on a number of occasions, but this book made me want to do it again... It will be an encouragement to you devotionally. And it will help you preach these passages well.

Adrian Reynolds, Director of Ministry, The Proclamation Trust

... a helpful commentary, and a winsome evangelistic tool within a subject which has often been neglected by evangelicals.

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