A Christian's Pocket Guide to Loving The Old Testament

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A Christian's Pocket Guide to Loving The Old Testament

One Book, One God, One Story

Alec Motyer

Pages: 144
Trim: Pocket paperback (178 x 110mm)
Isbn 13: 9781781915806
List Price: £4.99
Imprint: Christian Focus Adult Catalogue
Category: Biblical Studies > General > Bible Introduction

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Many of us know and love the stories and characters of the Old Testament such as Joseph, Moses and Jonah. But how do we view its importance in relation to New Testament teaching and our 21st century experiences? This accessible yet powerful addition to the Pocket Guide series draw together the threads of Scripture to help us understand the power of God's word when viewed in its completeness.

About Alec Motyer

Dr Alec Motyer (1924-2016) was a well-known Bible expositor who, from an early age, had a love for studying Godís Word. He was Principal of Trinity College, Bristol and wrote many widely appreciated commentaries and books.

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Motyer is that rare scholar who can write plainly, say something quotable in a few words, and write sympathetically to ordinary folk. Who might benefit from this little book? My ninth-grade Bible students last year would have been much helped. This year's kids will thank me. It would make a nice study for a Sunday school class. Even the minister who has preached and taught through the Old Testament will enjoy the read and learn something, too.

New Horizons

A welcome volume that will be useful for teachers trying to convince their students about the value of the Old Testament or for intelligent lay persons to learn from a seasoned pastor-theologian why they should love the Old Testament.


In nearly every conceivable way this little book is outstanding to the point that I can hardly believe so much useful content is concentrated into so few pages. If your typical book is coffee, Loving the Old Testament is espresso.
It's clearly written, interesting, supported by meticulous and creative scholarship, not infrequently humorous, reverent and pious (in the best sense), and very practically applicable especially to a local church context. Furthermore, if you know anything about biblical studies from the last 100 years, you'll know that Moyter's is essentially the evangelical Gandalf. If you're a pastor, I'd encourage you to buy a couple dozen copies and keep them on your free book table or stocked in your bookstore.

Timothy Raymond- Credo Magazine

A Christian's Pocket Guide to Loving the Old Testament, and Alec Motyer's recent volume Preaching? prove that faithful believers 'will still bear fruit in old age-they will stay fresh and green.' (Ps. 92:14) Why? Because they will continue proclaiming, 'The Lord is upright; he is my Rock, and there is no wickedness in him.' (Ps. 92:15)

Tim Keller, Senior Pastor, Redeemer Presbyterian Church, New York City, New York

...If the world is still here in a hundred years' time, these thrilling pages will still be looked upon as a treasure trove among God's faithful people.

Richard Bewes, OBE, formerly of All Souls Church, Langham Place, London, England is a huge privilege to commend the author of the Pocket Guide you now hold in your hand- although, quite frankly, his work speaks for itself so well that it does not need me to approve it.

D. A. Carson, Research Professor of New Testament, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, Deerfield, Illinois

Now 90, Alec Motyer retains all his old clarity, warmth and charm as he shares his infectious affection for, and insight into, Jesus's Bible. This is a first-rate get-you-started book.

J. I. Packer, Well known author & Board of Governors' Professor of Theology, Regent College, Vancouver, Canada

Customer Reviews

What a gem! A simple yet profound little book that is easy to read and keeps us faithful to Biblical theology. Do you want a richer, deeper love for Jesus? Read this - and read it again! Alec Motyer's love for the Old Testament and God-given competence in handling the word of God comes across strongly and is a real incentive to go deeper!
I've bought a copy for each of the older teens in our church.

Posted by Bev Probert, Bath at 14:34 on Friday 08 May 2015