Why Everything Matters

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Why Everything Matters

The Gospel in Ecclesiastes

Philip G. Ryken

Pages: 160
Trim: Large trade paperback (216 x 138mm)
Isbn 13: 9781781916452
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Imprint: Christian Focus Adult
Category: Theology & Doctrine > Systematic Theology > Systematic Theology General

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Ecclesiastes is for people who have their doubts about God, but can't stop thinking about him. The author of Ecclesiastes had his doubts, too, and these have enabled him to speak to skeptics as well as believers down through the centuries.
Ecclesiastes is a book rich in literary artistry and multi-layered depths of spiritual meaning. Philip G. Ryken explores this wonderful Old Testament book, and reminds us again of the need to trust God with the questions, even when we do not have all the answers.

About Philip G. Ryken

Philip G. Ryken became President of Wheaton College in July 2010. Prior to that he was Senior Minister of Tenth Presbyterian Church, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He is also a prolific author and a member of the council of The Gospel Coalition.

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Ryken has provided a study of Ecclesiastes for preachers and Sunday School teachers that is arranged in ten chapters of comparable length, packaging each chapter under a virtual hashtag that hints at the thrust of the chapter. Ryken's familiarity with contemporary language and cultural literature helps readers feel they are connected with Qoheleth in a way that makes his words relevant, if not contemporary. Why Everything Matters engages Ecclesiastes as a theological book with advice for living.

C. Hassell Bullock Wheaton College Wheaton, Illinois, USA - Writing for The Gospel Coalition

Philip Ryken has provided another crisp, lively and faithful exposition that will serve both Bible reader and Bible teacher alike. This book will be a great help in opening up the wonderful and unique world of Ecclesiastes. Highly recommended.

Sam Allberry, Assistant Pastor, St Marys, Maidenhead and Author of Is God Anti-Gay?

We are surrounded every day by people who seek to fill their emptiness with pleasures and achievements. No book in the Bible so clearly addresses this futile search as does Ecclesiastes. And no commentary I've ever read on Ecclesiastes so artfully answers every vain search with the good news of Christ as does Philip Ryken's Why Everything Matters.

Andrew Davis, Senior Pastor, First Baptist Church, Durham, North Carolina

Phil Ryken has made the message of a forgotten book in the Bible clear and applicable to those of us in the 21st Century. Using his literary insights and many contemporary illustrations, he shows us that people in today's world are asking the same questions and that Ecclesiastes points them to the same God who can give us purpose and meaning.

Steven Chin, Senior Pastor, Boston Chinese Evangelical Church, Boston, Massachusetts

... Why Everything Matters is a remarkable read that will inform and elevate every heart with essential wisdom for living a life that matters.

R. Kent Hughes, Senior Pastor Emeritus, College Church, Wheaton, Illinois

... I've preached through Ecclesiastes once and am not so sure I got it right. That's why when I preach the book again I will have Philip Ryken's warm and insightful book at the top of my resource list.

Bryan Loritts, Pastor for Preaching and Mission, Trinity Grace Church and President, The Kainos Movement, New York City

... refreshingly honest, consistently insightful, highly engaging. But ultimately what is most helpful is the fact that this book is marked by the same God-centered, God-focused realism of Ecclesiastes.

Mike Bullmore, Senior pastor, Crossway Community Church, Bristol, Wisconsin

... Why Everything Matters could change the way you navigate the crooked things in life, the way you define success and the way you embrace God's plan amidst this world's injustices.

John Nunes, Jochum Chair, Valparaiso University, Valparaiso, Indiana

... a wonderful treatment of the book of Ecclesiastes. In his study of the text the author beautifully blends the mind of a scholar with the heart of a pastor. It is a faithful exposition of a book that is troubling to many.

Daniel L. Akin, President, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, Wake Forest, North Carolina

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