Anywhere But Nineveh

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Anywhere But Nineveh

A Month's Journey with Jonah

Frank Sellar

Pages: 112
Trim: Pocket paperback (178 x 110mm)
Isbn 13: 9781781918623
List Price: £4.99
Series: Daily Readings
Imprint: Christian Focus Adult
Category: Inspirational > Devotional > General

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So often, just like Jonah, we are blinded by our situations, culture, or our own hearts. So often we ignore what we know God is calling us to do - and we are always left feeling incomplete and far from Him.
Anywhere but Nineveh is a thirty day devotional which inspires and focuses the mind, not on our rebellion, but instead on a God who speaks to us and on "One greater than Jonah" Who did not run away.

About Frank Sellar

Frank Sellar has been ministering in Ireland and Northern Ireland for the last three decades. He and his wife Claire have three children.

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In all of his phases, Frank Sellar has been consistent - a man sold out for the good news of Jesus, committed to encouraging any form of positive ministry to the weird and wonderful thing that is church, and someone whose generosity and encouragement always leaves us thankful for the encounter.
I know reading this book will do the same for you.

Keith Getty, Hymn-writer

Through a skilful re-telling of Jonah's story, this gem of a book has pastoral warmth, penetrating application, and a simplicity and directness that will challenge and inspire your walk with God. It exposes our fears, helps us to pray, points us to Christ, and refreshes our souls. Prayerfully read a section each day, and within the month your understanding of God and your motivation to serve Him will surely have changed!

Jonathan Lamb, Keswick Ministries, CEO and minister-at-large

Some books take much reading and leave little impression. This wonderful book takes little reading but leaves a deep impression. Daily portions of Jonah make for a rich diet - edifying, humbling and encouraging, with challenging insight and perceptive prayer. One cannot but fail to travel with Jonah into a deeper awareness of the purposes of God, ultimately to be found in the Lord Jesus Christ. This is a book rich in the grace that drives us to our knees and to the heart of our loving, forgiving, sovereign Lord.

Simon Austen, Rector, St Leonard's, Exeter, UK

Customer Reviews

I really enjoyed this devotional commentary on the Book of Jonah. Although it's a book I've read and also preached from many times, the author brought it afresh to me. A commentary that can be read over 31 days, it contains a good exposition of Jonah as well as a daily challenge. The commentary also contains a series of questions at the end, suitable for either group or personal study. Warmly recommend.

Posted by Andrew Young, Fraserburgh at 14:07 on Saturday 29 April 2017