What Would Judas Do?

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What Would Judas Do?

Understanding faith through the most famous of the faithless

John Perritt

Pages: 192
Trim: Trade paperback (198 x 130mm)
Isbn 13: 9781781918098
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Imprint: Christian Focus Adult
Category: Inspirational > Devotional > General

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The contrarian in me loves this - a look at Jesus through the eyes of His betrayer. And a look at our own relationship with Jesus through exploring theirs.

Barnabas Piper, Author of 'The Pastor's Kid', 'Help My Unbelief', and 'The Curious Christian'


In this 31-day devotional, John Perritt looks at the life of Judas - the experiences he had living with Christ, the things he would have seen and heard, and his terrible final resolve. This is a book which challenges our hearts and makes us feel uncomfortable - and leaves us with tears of praise, wondering at the amazing salvation which we have in our Christ.

About John Perritt

John Perritt is the Resource Coordinator for Reformed Youth Ministries at He also blogs on film and theology at and has published articles for The Gospel Coalition and Desiring God. He and his wife, Ashleigh, have five children.

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If you think you have nothing in common with Judas Iscariot, think again-John Perritt proves it from Scripture!

Bob Bevington, Co-author, 'The Bookends of the Christian Life'

Some will find this book to be a needed warning, others will find it deeply comforting, but all who read it will be pointed to Christ's finished work.

Jason Wredberg, Senior Pastor, First Baptist Church, Watertown, Wisconsin

On this enlightening journey you will come to better understand a man whose faults at times feel uncomfortably familiar.

Chad Gibbs, Author of 'God & Football' and 'Love Thy Rival'

We have more in common with history's greatest traitor than we may care to admit. But by reflecting on the failures of Judas we can better see how we can become more like Jesus.

Joe Carter, Editor at The Gospel Coalition and author of 'NIV's Lifehacks Bible'

I must warn you, this is a book that will challenge your heart and its insistence in following bad paths. I hope that you take up and read.

Emilio Garofalo Neto , Senior Pastor, Semear Presbyterian Church, Brasilia, Brazil and Professor of Systematic Theology, Presbyterian Seminary of Brasilia

Perritt illustrates both the relatability and hopelessness in the life of Scripture's most famous villain - Judas Iscariot. Perritt's meditations are steeped in Scripture and full of gospel-saturated hope.

Ted Kluck, Award-winning Author and co-host of The Happy Rant podcast

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