Grace-Focused Optimism

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Grace-Focused Optimism

Learning to Live the Grace-Governed Life of Optimism About God

C. L. Chase

Pages: 248
Trim: Trade paperback (198 x 130mm)
Isbn 13: 9781527100428
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Imprint: Christian Focus Adult
Category: Christian Life > Spiritual Growth > General

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Grace is not merely a word on a page. It is a truth which has power in our lives - it is God's invincible determination, through Jesus, to get glory from us by being good to us every day, all day long. Understanding grace leads to an optimism, rooted and grounded in our good and unchangeable God. C. L. Chase opens up the biblical truths associated with grace and promised to every believer, helping to show the adventure of a grace-governed life.

About C. L. Chase

C. L. Chase is the Chaplain of First Presbyterian Day School in Macon, Georgia and the founder of Grace Focused Optimism Ministries.

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For a Christian, optimism is a product of a God-created faith that's centered in all that the grace of the gospel supplies for day-to-day living. Read this book and see how.

Paul Kooistra, Former President, Erskine College and Theological Seminary, Due West, South Carolina

Grace-Focused Optimism will spur you on towards conformity to Jesus, and empower you with a sense of being borne along on the wings of grace.

Dominic Aquila, New Geneva Seminary, Colorado Springs, Colorado

'Grace' is perhaps the most used word in the evangelical vocabulary. However, it is not as well understood as it should be and needs to be. Charley Chase has written a biblical, passionate and personal exposition of what the Bible means by grace. There is an infectious 'grace focused optimism' that pulses through this book. Read it and catch the infection.

Ian Hamilton, Associate Minister, Smithton Culloden Free Church of Scotland, Inverness

The premise of C. L. Chase's book, Grace-Focused Optimism, is that from beginning to end salvation is by God's grace. In his own inimitable style, Dr. Chase coaches us on how to live by grace each moment of each day.

Joseph A. Pipa, Jr., President, Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary, Greenville, South Carolina

Open, read, and bask more deeply in God's determination to be good to you through his dear Son.

David Jussely, Adjunct Professor, Reformed Theological Seminary, Jackson, Mississippi and Associate Pastor, First Presbyterian Church, Hattiesburg, Mississippi

A multitude of struggling souls stand to be blessed richly by Pastor Chase's Grace-Focused Optimism. Mine surely was. Each chapter enabled me to grasp a deeper understanding of the grace of God and behold more of the glory of His Only Begotten Son.

Alan Lutz, Pastor, Crystal Cove Community Church, Palm Harbor, Florida and Director, Haiti Project, MINTS International Seminary

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