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What it is and what it leads to

C. H. Spurgeon

Pages: 80
Trim: Pocket paperback (178 x 110mm)
Isbn 13: 9781845506476
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Imprint: Christian Heritage
Category: Theology & Doctrine > Systematic Theology > Soteriology / Salvation / Sanctification

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"God has not put the treasure into the earthen vessel merely for the vessel's own sake, but that the treasure may afterwards be poured out from it, that others may thereby be enriched."

Spurgeon's remark well illustrates his strong belief in passing on to others what he had received from the Lord. He was concerned that faith, essentially a simple thing, was often portrayed in a manner unlikely to be of help to the genuine enquirer. FAITH - WHAT IT IS AND WHAT IT LEADS TO gathers together Spurgeon's thoughts on the subject, presenting a clear view of the exact nature of Christian faith and affording a glimpse of his great concern for those who had not yet put their trust in Christ.

About C. H. Spurgeon

C. H. Spurgeon, the great Victorian preacher, was one of the most influential people of the second half of the 19th Century. At the heart of his desire to preach was a fierce love of people, a desire that meant he did not neglect his pastoral ministry.

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The inflaming desire to read and learn more about the subject of faith was ignited by almost the first page. Buy your pastor a copy of this book, both you and he will benefit; his preaching will be enhanced, you will be stimulated by his ministry and you may have to deal with fresh applications for church membership.

Rev. Michael Wood, British Church Newspaper

indeed insightful and I did walk away with more information and knowledge than I had before reading it. The reading was easy - I feared it would be too theological or academic for me, but I found I was able to read it carefully and easily and still get something out of it. This is a must read for any Christian.

Tricia Bleu, Teens 4 Jesus Library Website

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