Sunshine Country

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Sunshine Country

Kristina Royovej

Pages: 144
Trim: Pocket paperback (178 x 110mm)
Isbn 13: 9781857928556
List Price: £4.99
Series: Classic Stories
Imprint: CF4Kids
Read to me: age 7-8
Read myself: age 9-13
Category: Children > 8-12 Year Olds > Fiction

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Palko is part of a mystery, several in fact, but he doesn't know that. The only mystery he knows is the one that involves the hidden cave and the secret book that shows the way to the Sunshine Country - and Palko longs to go there. He has heard that in that land there is no darkness or fear, sickness or weeping. Soon he has his grandfather, Uncle Martin and the whole village wondering about the amazing little book that tells them such wonderful truths about the love of God and the forgiveness of sins. Even Father Malina starts to ask questions.

But then there is the mystery about Palko's past and another little boy who went missing - Uncle Martin is trying to find him and Palko promises to do the same. Will they find the little boy after such a long time? Are they in fact looking in the right place? Perhaps the mystery isn't so mysterious after all.

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Customer Reviews

This was a really good book. Great message. Refreshing. I am a homeschool mom that is extremely careful what I read and what I let my children read. This is a book I approve for my children to read. I am so thankful to discover a find like this. I will be recommending this book for years to come!

Posted by Linda D. at 01:04 on Monday 07 June 2010