Ten Boys Who Changed the World

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Ten Boys Who Changed the World

Irene Howat

Pages: 160
Trim: Pocket paperback (178 x 110mm)
Isbn 13: 9781857925791
List Price: £5.99
Series: Lightkeepers
Imprint: CF4Kids
Read to me: age 7-8
Read myself: age 8-12
Category: Children > 8-12 Year Olds > Biography

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George Muller was a thief when he was younger and spent time in jail for his crimes. Brother Andrew grew up in Holland during the second World War and played tricks on German soldiers. Nicky Cruz grew up in a family where spirit worship was a regular occurrence. He became a very angry young man, out to cause trouble.

John Newton was captured at a young age and forced to join Her Majesty's Navy, leaving his friends and family behind. What happened to these young boys and how did God make them into men who changed their world? Read how George Muller was finally trusted with millions of pounds. Discover how Brother Andrew grew up to be a smuggler of Bibles. Read how Nicky Cruz was rescued from self-destruction and eventually went on to begin one of the largest youth organisations reaching out to hurt and confused young people throughout the world.

  • David Livingstone (Missionary in Africa)
  • Nicky Cruz (Evangelist)
  • Brother Andrew (Smuggler for God in Communist Countries)
  • George Muller (Founder of Children's Homes)
  • William Carey (Missionary in India)
  • John Newton (Minister and reformer)
  • Adoniram Judson (Missionary in Burma)
  • Billy Graham (Evangelist)
  • Luis Palau (Evangelist)
  • Eric Liddell (Athlete and Missionary in China)

About Irene Howat

Irene Howat’s first entry into writing was her auto-biographical work, Pain my Companion, which introduces the reader both to Irene’s struggle with illness and disability, alongside her faith and dependence on God throughout it. Since then, she has been an author and ghost-writer for many different Christian biographies as well as multiple children’s books and biographies. Her writing skills have gained her an award from the Australian book trade and a reputation as a reliable writer for young children. She receives many letters from young fans as well as a steady stream of followers for her online Story A Month club.

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"This is a wonderful book - in fact it's a wonderful series. Irene Howat writes with a real warmth and insight. People that you have never met come alive on the page. Christian legends and unsung heroes all become friends you can understand and look up to. In a world where role models of real integrity are few and far between the Lightkeeper's series fills the gap!"

Catherine MacKenzie, Author and CF4K Editor

Customer Reviews

this book is a kind of book where it tries motivating peoples with sin and their prayers is very useful

Posted by mitchell chua wei jun at 13:50 on Friday 13 August 2010

This is one of a series of books from Light Keepers all written by this author and all equally compelling. There is no gender bias, `Ten Girls Who Changed the World` rubs shoulders with it on the bookstand. We also find boys and girls who variously; `...used their Talents`, `...didn't Give in, `. `...made History` and `...made a Difference`. These are attractive books with sensible print and a common format. The books have short chapters, the boys who changed the world were; Billy Graham, Brother Andrew, John Newton, George Muller, Nicky Cruz, William Carey, David Livingstone, Adoniram Judson , Eric Liddel and Luis Palau, so you can judge something of the breadth of the series. The real strength of the series the quality of the writing -it is so engaging. Browsing through the chapters I had to tear myself away from each paragraph I set my eyes on. I don't want to be disparaging but for too long our children have often had to put up with second best in their reading of Christian literature. Good intentions are not enough, but here we have books that conform to the best standards of secular reading and are excellent exemplars of Christian living and challenge. Each chapter has a factfile to broaden knowledge and the quiz at the end really is fun its all about recap and recall -no boring `study guide`. If you buy one of these as a present for somebody be careful not to get it dog-eared, or better still buy two! Teachers please note that these would serve as a good basis for Christian oriented assemblies.

Posted by Alun Jones, Wrexham at 05:46 on Thursday 30 November 2006